Sunday, 14 April 2013

Secret of Weight Loss

One of my regular clients is a 50+ female shared with me how she put on a dress she wore 4 years ago, and she had to constantly took to her tailor to make it smaller.  What a nice problem to have!  She has lost 1.5 dress size after 2 months training with me, and she still enjoys her favorite food.  I am delighted to see her so happy.  The secret to her weight loss?  Interval training and conscious about what she puts into her mouth.  Eating is a big part of weight loss, and training helps sustain the weight loss so you can have certain amount of flexibility of how much you eat.  I always tell my clients that the reason I exercise is that I want to eat whatever I want!  I am a living proof!

Wanna join the team?  Start NOW to reap the benefit!

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