Thursday, 9 August 2012

Client Story

I have been training one of my clients for 3 weeks now, and she was borderline obese when we first met.  We set up a goal to get her out of the obese level in a month.

Yesterday when I first greeted her,  she was upset.  She told me she weighted herself in the morning, and the weight didn't seem to come off.  She had been crying for an hour, plus it was her birthday.  My heart sank when I heard that.  As a personal trainer,  I hate to see my clients get discouraged.  I suggested to do a weight in and find out her body fat level.  It turned out that she reduced her body fat by 2% in 3 weeks.  That is significant!  So she is out of the obese level plus reduced her waist line by 3.5".  She was so happy after hearing the news, and admitted that she did notice the waist change and energy boost.

The reason I shared this story is to demonstrate that people often get so caught up with the scale that they often dismiss all the other positive signs after they change to a healthier lifestyle.

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