Wednesday, 26 September 2012


We have years of experiences helping clients lose weight, and we understand that it can be very confusing to figure out whether your daily calorie expenditure exceeds your daily calorie consumption which results in weight loss if you can accomplish that consistently.  Most people have no idea how many calories they consume every day and how many calories they burn every day.  Therefore, weight loss becomes more or less a guess.

Our goal is to provide a one stop solution for people to manage their weight loss, so they know exactly where they are every step of the way.

We'd like your help so we can develop a website that people can find us so we can help them manage their weight loss.  And in return, we will give you free access once it's been launched.

Here is the question:  if you are looking for a product or system to help you monitor your weight loss progress, what words would you use to search online?

Thanks in advance for helping us!

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